Subcommittee D18.02 on Sampling and Related Field Testing for Soil Evaluations

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    D1452/D1452M-16 Standard Practice for Soil Exploration and Sampling by Auger Borings

    D1586/D1586M-18 Standard Test Method for Standard Penetration Test (SPT) and Split-Barrel Sampling of Soils

        See also WK55357 proposed revision

    D1587/D1587M-15 Standard Practice for Thin-Walled Tube Sampling of Fine-Grained Soils for Geotechnical Purposes

    D2113-14 Standard Practice for Rock Core Drilling and Sampling of Rock for Site Exploration

    D2573/D2573M-18 Standard Test Method for Field Vane Shear Test in Saturated Fine-Grained Soils

        See also WK62874 proposed revision

    D3213-19 Standard Practices for Handling, Storing, and Preparing Soft Intact Marine Soil

    D3441-16 Standard Test Method for Mechanical Cone Penetration Testing of Soils

        See also WK74921 proposed revision

    D3550/D3550M-17 Standard Practice for Thick Wall, Ring-Lined, Split Barrel, Drive Sampling of Soils

    D4220/D4220M-14 Standard Practices for Preserving and Transporting Soil Samples

    D4633-16 Standard Test Method for Energy Measurement for Dynamic Penetrometers

    D4719-20 Standard Test Methods for Prebored Pressuremeter Testing in Soils

    D5778-20 Standard Test Method for Electronic Friction Cone and Piezocone Penetration Testing of Soils

    D6151/D6151M-15 Standard Practice for Using Hollow-Stem Augers for Geotechnical Exploration and Soil Sampling

    D6519-15 Standard Practice for Sampling of Soil Using the Hydraulically Operated Stationary Piston Sampler

        See also WK77286 proposed revision

    D6635-15 Standard Test Method for Performing the Flat Plate Dilatometer

    D7015/D7015M-18 Standard Practices for Obtaining Intact Block (Cubical and Cylindrical) Samples of Soils

        See also WK60883 proposed revision

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    D3550-01(2007) Standard Practice for Thick Wall, Ring-Lined, Split Barrel, Drive Sampling of Soils (Withdrawn 2016)

    D5434-12 Standard Guide for Field Logging of Subsurface Explorations of Soil and Rock (Withdrawn 2021)

    D5852-00(2007)e1 Standard Test Method for Erodibility Determination of Soil in the Field or in the Laboratory by the Jet Index Method (Withdrawn 2016)

    D6066-11 Standard Practice for Determining the Normalized Penetration Resistance of Sands for Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential (Withdrawn 2020)