Subcommittee D10.27 on Fiberboard Shipping Containers, Containerboard and Related Structures and Materials

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    D1968-19 Standard Terminology Relating to Paper and Paper Products

        See also WK76571 proposed revision

    D1974/D1974M-16 Standard Practice for Methods of Closing, Sealing, and Reinforcing Fiberboard Boxes

        See also WK67642 proposed revision

    D2658-18 Standard Test Method for Determining Dimensions of Fiberboard Boxes

    D3951-18 Standard Practice for Commercial Packaging

    D4727/D4727M-17 Standard Specification for Corrugated and Solid Fiberboard Sheet Stock (Container Grade) and Cut Shapes

        See also WK77449 proposed revision

    D5118/D5118M-15(2020) Standard Practice for Fabrication of Fiberboard Shipping Boxes

    D5168-12(2017) Standard Practice for Fabrication and Closure of Triple-Wall Corrugated Fiberboard Containers

        See also WK77450 proposed revision

    D5570/D5570M-10(2015) Standard Test Method for Water Resistance of Tape and Adhesives Used as Box Closure

    D5639/D5639M-20 Standard Practice for Selection of Corrugated Fiberboard Materials and Box Construction Based on Performance Requirements

    D6804-19 Standard Guide for Hand Hole Design in Corrugated Boxes

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    D1029-95 Standard Test Method for Peeling Resistance of Paper and Paperboard (Withdrawn 2001)

    D4521-96 Standard Test Method for Coefficient of Static Friction of Corrugated and Solid Fiberboard (Withdrawn 2001)