Subcommittee D08.18 on Nonbituminous Organic Roof Coverings

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    D4434/D4434M-21 Standard Specification for Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Sheet Roofing

    D4637/D4637M-15 Standard Specification for EPDM Sheet Used In Single-Ply Roof Membrane

    D4811/D4811M-16 Standard Specification for Nonvulcanized (Uncured) Rubber Sheet Used as Roof Flashing

    D5405/D5405M-98(2015) Standard Test Method for Conducting Time-to-Failure (Creep-Rupture) Tests of Joints Fabricated from Nonbituminous Organic Roof Membrane Material

    D6134/D6134M-07(2019)e1 Standard Specification for Vulcanized Rubber Sheets Used in Waterproofing Systems

    D6383/D6383M-99(2015) Standard Practice for Time-to-Failure (Creep-Rupture) of Adhesive Joints Fabricated from EPDM Roof Membrane Material

    D6754/D6754M-15 Standard Specification for Ketone Ethylene Ester Based Sheet Roofing

    D6878/D6878M-19 Standard Specification for Thermoplastic Polyolefin Based Sheet Roofing

        See also WK67707 proposed revision

        See also WK68927 proposed revision

    D7635/D7635M-18 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Thickness of Coatings Over Fabric Reinforcement

    D8154-17e1 Standard Test Methods for 1H-NMR Determination of Ketone-Ethylene-Ester and Polyvinyl Chloride Contents in KEE-PVC Roofing Fabrics

        See also WK65709 proposed revision

    E1918-21 Standard Test Method for Measuring Solar Reflectance of Horizontal and Low-Sloped Surfaces in the Field

        See also WK71343 proposed revision

    E1980-11(2019) Standard Practice for Calculating Solar Reflectance Index of Horizontal and Low-Sloped Opaque Surfaces

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    WK24427 New Guide for Determining Suitability for use of Roofing materials in Cold-Weather Climates

    WK28627 New Test Method for Laboratory Determination on the Reduction of Lightness or Solar Reflectivity or Both of Light-Colored Roofing Materials

    WK59246 KEE Enhanced Poly (Vinyl Chloride) Sheet Roofing Incorporating Solid Plastifiers

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    D5019-07a Standard Specification for Reinforced CSM (Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene) Sheet Used in Single-Ply Roof Membrane (Withdrawn 2011)

    D5036-99(2005) Standard Practice for Application of Adhered Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Sheet Roofing (Withdrawn 2012)

    D5082-99(2005) Standard Practice for Application of Mechanically Attached Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Sheet Roofing (Withdrawn 2012)

    D6083-05e1 Standard Specification for Liquid Applied Acrylic Coating Used in Roofing (Withdrawn 2014)

    D6369-99(2006) Standard Guide for Design of Standard Flashing Details for EPDM Roof Membranes (Withdrawn 2015)

    D7067-05 Standard Specification for Reinforced White PIB Sheet Used in Roofing Membrane (Withdrawn 2014)

    D7311/D7311M-10 Standard Specification for Liquid-Applied, Single-Pack, Moisture-Triggered, Aliphatic Polyurethane Roofing Membrane (Withdrawn 2013)