Subcommittee D07.01 on Fundamental Test Methods and Properties

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    D143-14 Standard Test Methods for Small Clear Specimens of Timber

        See also WK69554 proposed revision

    D198-15 Standard Test Methods of Static Tests of Lumber in Structural Sizes

        See also WK72608 proposed revision

    D1102-84(2013) Standard Test Method for Ash in Wood

        See also WK71158 proposed revision

    D1105-96(2013) Standard Test Method for Preparation of Extractive-Free Wood

        See also WK71172 proposed revision

    D1106-96(2013) Standard Test Method for Acid-Insoluble Lignin in Wood

        See also WK71192 proposed revision

    D1107-96(2013) Standard Test Method for Ethanol-Toluene Solubility of Wood

        See also WK71193 proposed revision

    D1108-96(2013) Standard Test Method for Dichloromethane Solubles in Wood

    D1109-84(2013) Standard Test Method for 1 % Sodium Hydroxide Solubility of Wood

    D1110-84(2013) Standard Test Methods for Water Solubility of Wood

    D1166-84(2013) Standard Test Method for Methoxyl Groups in Wood and Related Materials

    D1666-17 Standard Test Methods for Conducting Machining Tests of Wood and Wood-Base Panel Materials

    D1762-84(2013) Standard Test Method for Chemical Analysis of Wood Charcoal

    D2394-17 Standard Test Methods for Simulated Service Testing of Wood and Wood-Based Finish Flooring

    D2395-17 Standard Test Methods for Density and Specific Gravity (Relative Density) of Wood and Wood-Based Materials

    D4442-20 Standard Test Methods for Direct Moisture Content Measurement of Wood and Wood-Based Materials

        See also WK58447 proposed revision

    D4444-13(2018) Standard Test Method for Laboratory Standardization and Calibration of Hand-Held Moisture Meters

    D4761-19 Standard Test Methods for Mechanical Properties of Lumber and Wood-Based Structural Materials

        See also WK68401 proposed revision

    D4933-16 Standard Guide for Moisture Conditioning of Wood and Wood-Based Materials

    D6782-19 Standard Test Methods for Standardization and Calibration of In-Line Dry Lumber Moisture Meters

    D6815-09(2015) Standard Specification for Evaluation of Duration of Load and Creep Effects of Wood and Wood-Based Products

    D6874-12 Standard Test Methods for Nondestructive Evaluation of Wood-Based Flexural Members Using Transverse Vibration

        See also WK59604 proposed revision

    D6958-03(2014) Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Side-Bonding Potential of Wood Coatings

        See also WK70491 proposed revision

    D7438-13 Standard Practice for Field Calibration and Application of Hand-Held Moisture Meters

        See also WK71792 proposed revision

    D7469-16 Standard Test Methods for End-Joints in Structural Wood Products

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    D1324-83(1993) Standard Specification for Modified Wood (Withdrawn 2000)