Subcommittee D05.23 on Sampling

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    D346/D346M-11(2019)e1 Standard Practice for Collection and Preparation of Coke Samples for Laboratory Analysis

    D2013/D2013M-20 Standard Practice for Preparing Coal Samples for Analysis

        See also WK57430 proposed revision

        See also WK68182 proposed revision

        See also WK69182 proposed revision

    D2234/D2234M-20 Standard Practice for Collection of a Gross Sample of Coal

        See also WK64393 proposed revision

    D6543-20 Standard Guide to the Evaluation of Measurements Made by Online Coal Analyzers

        See also WK69361 proposed revision

    D6609-17 Standard Guide for Part-Stream Sampling of Coal

    D6883-17 Standard Practice for Manual Sampling of Stationary Coal from Railroad Cars, Barges, Trucks, or Stockpiles

    D7430-18ae1 Standard Practice for Mechanical Sampling of Coal

        See also WK35366 proposed revision

        See also WK73196 proposed revision

        See also WK73198 proposed revision

        See also WK73344 proposed revision

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