Subcommittee D05.23 on Sampling

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    D346/D346M-11 Standard Practice for Collection and Preparation of Coke Samples for Laboratory Analysis

    D2013/D2013M-12 Standard Practice for Preparing Coal Samples for Analysis

        See also WK57430 proposed revision

        See also WK59527 proposed revision

    D2234/D2234M-16 Standard Practice for Collection of a Gross Sample of Coal

        See also WK58960 proposed revision

    D6543-17 Standard Guide to the Evaluation of Measurements Made by Online Coal Analyzers

        See also WK56867 proposed revision

        See also WK56903 proposed revision

    D6609-08(2015) Standard Guide for Part-Stream Sampling of Coal

        See also WK56481 proposed revision

    D6883-04(2012) Standard Practice for Manual Sampling of Stationary Coal from Railroad Cars, Barges, Trucks, or Stockpiles

        See also WK56482 proposed revision

    D7430-16be1 Standard Practice for Mechanical Sampling of Coal

        See also WK35366 proposed revision

        See also WK56307 proposed revision

        See also WK56309 proposed revision

        See also WK56310 proposed revision

        See also WK56483 proposed revision

        See also WK59039 proposed revision

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