Subcommittee D02.J0.04 on Additives and Electrical Properties

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    D2624-15 Standard Test Methods for Electrical Conductivity of Aviation and Distillate Fuels

        See also WK60001 proposed revision

        See also WK68112 proposed revision

        See also WK73058 proposed revision

        See also WK73325 proposed revision

    D4054-20a Standard Practice for Evaluation of New Aviation Turbine Fuels and Fuel Additives

        See also WK70061 proposed revision

        See also WK70062 proposed revision

        See also WK70063 proposed revision

        See also WK70064 proposed revision

        See also WK71620 proposed revision

        See also WK73774 proposed revision

        See also WK73807 proposed revision

    D4171-16a Standard Specification for Fuel System Icing Inhibitors

        See also WK74175 proposed revision

    D4306-20 Standard Practice for Aviation Fuel Sample Containers for Tests Affected by Trace Contamination

    D4308-13 Standard Test Method for Electrical Conductivity of Liquid Hydrocarbons by Precision Meter

        See also WK73059 proposed revision

    D4865-19 Standard Guide for Generation and Dissipation of Static Electricity in Petroleum Fuel Systems

        See also WK70214 proposed revision

    D5001-19e1 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Lubricity of Aviation Turbine Fuels by the Ball-on-Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator (BOCLE)

        See also WK30397 proposed revision

    D5006-11(2016) Standard Test Method for Measurement of Fuel System Icing Inhibitors (Ether Type) in Aviation Fuels

    D7618-13(2017) Standard Specification for Ethyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether (ETBE) for Blending with Aviation Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel

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