Subcommittee D02.C0.01 on Turbine Oil Monitoring, Problems and Systems

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    D4293-15e1 Standard Specification for Phosphate Ester Based Fluids for Turbine Lubrication and Steam Turbine Electro-Hydraulic Control (EHC) Applications

    D4304-17 Standard Specification for Mineral and Synthetic Lubricating Oil Used in Steam or Gas Turbines

    D4378-13 Standard Practice for In-Service Monitoring of Mineral Turbine Oils for Steam, Gas, and Combined Cycle Turbines

        See also WK62148 proposed revision

        See also WK70142 proposed revision

    D6224-16 Standard Practice for In-Service Monitoring of Lubricating Oil for Auxiliary Power Plant Equipment

    D6439-11(2017) Standard Guide for Cleaning, Flushing, and Purification of Steam, Gas, and Hydroelectric Turbine Lubrication Systems

    D7155-18 Standard Practice for Evaluating Compatibility of Mixtures of Turbine Lubricating Oils

        See also WK59748 proposed revision

        See also WK70154 proposed revision

    D7843-18 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Lubricant Generated Insoluble Color Bodies in In-Service Turbine Oils using Membrane Patch Colorimetry

        See also WK57339 proposed revision

        See also WK66361 proposed revision

    D8112-17 Standard Guide for Obtaining In-Service Samples of Turbine Operation Related Lubricating Fluid

        See also WK63859 proposed revision

        See also WK66215 proposed revision

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    WK42670 New Guide for Microbial Contamination and Biodeterioration in Turbine Oils and Turbine Oil Systems

    WK61352 Measurement of Decomposition Products in Phosphate Ester Fluids by Linear Sweep Voltammetry

    WK64109 In-service monitoring of phosphate ester based fluids for steam turbine electro-hydraulic control (EHC) systems

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    D4241-98(2003) Standard Practice for Design of Gas Turbine Generator Lubricating Oil Systems (Withdrawn 2008)

    D4248-98(2003) Standard Practice for Design of Steam Turbine Generator Oil Systems (Withdrawn 2008)