Subcommittee D02.96.05 on In-Service Lubricants Particle Counting Practices and Techniques

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    D7647-10 Standard Test Method for Automatic Particle Counting of Lubricating and Hydraulic Fluids Using Dilution Techniques to Eliminate the Contribution of Water and Interfering Soft Particles by Light Extinction

        See also WK48311 proposed revision

    D8072-17 Standard Classification for Reporting Solids and Insoluble Water Contamination of Hydrocarbon-Based Petroleum Products When Analyzed by Imaging Instrumentation

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    WK22146 New Guide for Sampling, Collection, and Preparation of Samples for Automatic Particle Counting

    WK40003 New Test Method for Particle and Water droplet analysis and counting in Lubricating and Turbine Oil from .7 microns to 300 microns to monitor wear and measure water concentration in the lab and on-line without the use of dilution.

    WK52848 Standard Practice for Reporting Solid and Liquid Contamination of Primary Fuel and Lubricating Fluids for Imaging Instrumentation.

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