Subcommittee D02.94 on Coordinating Subcommittee on Quality Assurance and Statistics

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    D3244-18 Standard Practice for Utilization of Test Data to Determine Conformance with Specifications

        See also WK70012 proposed revision

        See also WK70037 proposed revision

        See also WK70276 proposed revision

    D6259-15(2019) Standard Practice for Determination of a Pooled Limit of Quantitation for a Test Method

    D6299-19 Standard Practice for Applying Statistical Quality Assurance and Control Charting Techniques to Evaluate Analytical Measurement System Performance

        See also WK67491 proposed revision

        See also WK68275 proposed revision

        See also WK71424 proposed revision

    D6300-19a Standard Practice for Determination of Precision and Bias Data for Use in Test Methods for Petroleum Products and Lubricants

        See also WK26927 proposed revision

        See also WK61365 proposed revision

        See also WK70013 proposed revision

        See also WK70137 proposed revision

        See also WK71973 proposed revision

        See also WK72115 proposed revision

    D6617-17 Standard Practice for Laboratory Bias Detection Using Single Test Result from Standard Material

    D6708-19a Standard Practice for Statistical Assessment and Improvement of Expected Agreement Between Two Test Methods that Purport to Measure the Same Property of a Material

        See also WK68906 proposed revision

        See also WK71047 proposed revision

    D6792-17 Standard Practice for Quality Management Systems in Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants Testing Laboratories

        See also WK67112 proposed revision

        See also WK67113 proposed revision

    D7372-17 Standard Guide for Analysis and Interpretation of Proficiency Test Program Results

        See also WK71045 proposed revision

    D7915-18 Standard Practice for Application of Generalized Extreme Studentized Deviate (GESD) Technique to Simultaneously Identify Multiple Outliers in a Data Set

    D8146-18 Standard Guide for Evaluating Test Method Capability and Fitness for Use

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