Subcommittee C26.13 on Spent Fuel and High Level Waste

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    C1174-20 Standard Guide for Evaluation of Long-Term Behavior of Materials Used in Engineered Barrier Systems (EBS) for Geological Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste

    C1220-17 Standard Test Method for Static Leaching of Monolithic Waste Forms for Disposal of Radioactive Waste

    C1285-14 Standard Test Methods for Determining Chemical Durability of Nuclear, Hazardous, and Mixed Waste Glasses and Multiphase Glass Ceramics: The Product Consistency Test (PCT)

        See also WK72421 proposed revision

    C1308-08(2017) Standard Test Method for Accelerated Leach Test for Diffusive Releases from Solidified Waste and a Computer Program to Model Diffusive, Fractional Leaching from Cylindrical Waste Forms

        See also WK66938 proposed revision

    C1431-99(2018) Standard Guide for Corrosion Testing of Aluminum-Based Spent Nuclear Fuel in Support of Repository Disposal

    C1553-16 Standard Guide for Drying Behavior of Spent Nuclear Fuel

        See also WK74435 proposed revision

    C1562-10(2018) Standard Guide for Evaluation of Materials Used in Extended Service of Interim Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage Systems

    C1662-18 Standard Practice for Measurement of the Glass Dissolution Rate Using the Single-Pass Flow-Through Test Method

    C1663-18 Standard Test Method for Measuring Waste Glass or Glass Ceramic Durability by Vapor Hydration Test

    C1682-17 Standard Guide for Characterization of Spent Nuclear Fuel in Support of Interim Storage, Transportation and Geologic Repository Disposal

    C1720-17e1 Standard Test Method for Determining Liquidus Temperature of Waste Glasses and Simulated Waste Glasses

    C1733-20 Standard Test Method for Distribution Coefficients of Inorganic Species by Batch Method

        See also WK74909 proposed revision

    C1750-17 Standard Guide for Development, Verification, Validation, and Documentation of Simulated High-Level Tank Waste

    C1751-20 Standard Guide for Sampling Radioactive Tank Waste

        See also WK73347 proposed revision

    C1752-17 Standard Guide for Measuring Physical and Rheological Properties of Radioactive Solutions, Slurries, and Sludges

    E2230-13 Standard Practice for Thermal Qualification of Type B Packages for Radioactive Material

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    WK73487 the Support Waste from Lysimeter Testing

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    C1144-89(2011) Standard Test Method for Splitting Tensile Strength for Brittle Nuclear Waste Forms (Withdrawn 2018)

    C1454-07 Standard Guide for Pyrophoricity/Combustibility Testing in Support of Pyrophoricity Analyses of Metallic Uranium Spent Nuclear Fuel (Withdrawn 2016)

    C1571-03(2012) Standard Guide for Characterization of Radioactive and/or Hazardous Wastes for Thermal Treatment (Withdrawn 2018)