Subcommittee C16.31 on Chemical and Physical Properties

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    C163-05(2016) Standard Practice for Mixing Thermal Insulating Cement Samples

    C166-05(2016) Standard Test Method for Covering Capacity and Volume Change Upon Drying of Thermal Insulating Cement

    C356-17 Standard Test Method for Linear Shrinkage of Preformed High-Temperature Thermal Insulation Subjected to Soaking Heat

    C390-08(2019) Standard Practice for Sampling and Acceptance of Thermal Insulation Lots

        See also WK72188 proposed revision

    C411-19 Standard Test Method for Hot-Surface Performance of High-Temperature Thermal Insulation

        See also WK69353 proposed revision

    C447-15 Standard Practice for Estimating the Maximum Use Temperature of Thermal Insulations

    C692-13(2018) Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Influence of Thermal Insulations on External Stress Corrosion Cracking Tendency of Austenitic Stainless Steel

    C870-11(2017) Standard Practice for Conditioning of Thermal Insulating Materials

    C871-18 Standard Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Thermal Insulation Materials for Leachable Chloride, Fluoride, Silicate, and Sodium Ions

        See also WK20863 proposed revision

        See also WK20864 proposed revision

    C1304-18 Standard Test Method for Assessing the Odor Emission of Thermal Insulation Materials

    C1338-19 Standard Test Method for Determining Fungi Resistance of Insulation Materials and Facings

    C1485-19 Standard Test Method for Critical Radiant Flux of Exposed Attic Floor Insulation Using an Electric Radiant Heat Energy Source

    C1617-19 Standard Practice for Quantitative Accelerated Laboratory Evaluation of Extraction Solutions Containing Ions Leached from Thermal Insulation on Aqueous Corrosion of Metals

        See also WK54317 proposed revision

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    WK59677 Guideline for selecting Corrosion measurement for Thermal Insulations based on Type of material and field application

    WK74396 Standard Test Method for Corrosiveness of Mineral-Fiber Insulation by Comparison to a Control

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    C405-82(1997) Standard Practice for Estimating Consistency of Wet-Mixed Thermal Insulating Cement (Withdrawn 2006)

    C1488-04e1 Standard Practice for Simulated Aging of Cellulosic Loose-Fill Insulation (Withdrawn 2013)