Subcommittee C16.22 on Organic and Nonhomogeneous Inorganic Thermal Insulations

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    C208-12 Standard Specification for Cellulosic Fiber Insulating Board

    C534/C534M-16 Standard Specification for Preformed Flexible Elastomeric Cellular Thermal Insulation in Sheet and Tubular Form

        See also WK58628 proposed revision

    C578-17a Standard Specification for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Thermal Insulation

        See also WK50326 proposed revision

        See also WK56149 proposed revision

        See also WK58600 proposed revision

        See also WK58666 proposed revision

    C591-17 Standard Specification for Unfaced Preformed Rigid Cellular Polyisocyanurate Thermal Insulation

        See also WK9783 proposed revision

        See also WK58648 proposed revision

    C728-17a Standard Specification for Perlite Thermal Insulation Board

        See also WK56408 proposed revision

    C1029-15 Standard Specification for Spray-Applied Rigid Cellular Polyurethane Thermal Insulation

        See also WK58754 proposed revision

    C1126-15 Standard Specification for Faced or Unfaced Rigid Cellular Phenolic Thermal Insulation

        See also WK53034 proposed revision

        See also WK53035 proposed revision

        See also WK53036 proposed revision

        See also WK57632 proposed revision

        See also WK57633 proposed revision

    C1289-17 Standard Specification for Faced Rigid Cellular Polyisocyanurate Thermal Insulation Board

        See also WK52824 proposed revision

        See also WK55361 proposed revision

        See also WK56001 proposed revision

        See also WK56002 proposed revision

        See also WK57061 proposed revision

        See also WK57062 proposed revision

        See also WK58778 proposed revision

    C1410-17 Standard Specification for Cellular Melamine Thermal and Sound-Absorbing Insulation

    C1427-16 Standard Specification for Extruded Preformed Flexible Cellular Polyolefin Thermal Insulation in Sheet and Tubular Form

        See also WK54866 proposed revision

        See also WK59431 proposed revision

    C1482-17 Standard Specification for Polyimide Flexible Cellular Thermal and Sound Absorbing Insulation

        See also WK58769 proposed revision

    C1484-10 Standard Specification for Vacuum Insulation Panels

        See also WK55652 proposed revision

    C1534-17 Standard Specification for Flexible Polymeric Foam Sheet Insulation Used as a Thermal and Sound Absorbing Liner for Duct Systems

        See also WK54231 proposed revision

    C1594-11(2017) Standard Specification for Polyimide Rigid Cellular Thermal Insulation

        See also WK54909 proposed revision

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    WK30150 New Specification for Spray-Applied Open Cellular Polyurethane Thermal Insulation

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    C1050-91 Standard Specification for Rigid Cellular Polystyrene-Cellulosic Fiber Composite Roof Insulation (Withdrawn 1999)

    C1631-08 Standard Specification for Cellular Polypropylene Thermal Insulation