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    C1006/C1006M-20a Standard Test Method for Splitting Tensile Strength of Masonry Units

        See also WK66145 proposed revision

    C1072-19 Standard Test Methods for Measurement of Masonry Flexural Bond Strength

    C1196-14a Standard Test Method for In Situ Compressive Stress Within Solid Unit Masonry Estimated Using Flatjack Measurements

        See also WK74007 proposed revision

        See also WK74008 proposed revision

    C1197-14a Standard Test Method for In Situ Measurement of Masonry Deformability Properties Using the Flatjack Method

        See also WK74009 proposed revision

        See also WK74010 proposed revision

    C1314-18 Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Masonry Prisms

        See also WK64796 proposed revision

    C1531-16 Standard Test Methods for In Situ Measurement of Masonry Mortar Joint Shear Strength Index

    C1532/C1532M-20 Standard Practice for Selection, Removal, and Shipment of Manufactured Masonry Units and Masonry Specimens from Existing Construction

        See also WK71610 proposed revision

    C1552-16 Standard Practice for Capping Concrete Masonry Units, Related Units and Masonry Prisms for Compression Testing

    C1587/C1587M-15 Standard Practice for Preparation of Field Removed Manufactured Masonry Units and Masonry Specimens for Testing

        See also WK74013 proposed revision

        See also WK74014 proposed revision

    C1601-14a Standard Test Method for Field Determination of Water Penetration of Masonry Wall Surfaces

        See also WK74023 proposed revision

        See also WK74024 proposed revision

        See also WK74025 proposed revision

        See also WK74026 proposed revision

    C1715/C1715M-15 Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Water Leakage Performance of Masonry Wall Drainage Systems

    C1716/C1716M-20 Standard Specification for Compression Testing Machine Requirements for Concrete Masonry Units, Related Units, and Prisms

        See also WK64739 proposed revision

        See also WK64740 proposed revision

        See also WK64741 proposed revision

        See also WK71611 proposed revision

    C1717-19 Standard Test Methods for Conducting Strength Tests of Masonry Wall Panels

    C1781/C1781M-18e1 Standard Test Method for Surface Infiltration Rate of Permeable Unit Pavement Systems

    C1892/C1892M-20 Standard Test Methods for Strength of Anchors in Masonry

        See also WK71612 proposed revision

        See also WK71613 proposed revision

        See also WK71626 proposed revision

        See also WK71627 proposed revision

        See also WK71628 proposed revision

        See also WK71651 proposed revision

        See also WK71652 proposed revision

        See also WK71653 proposed revision

        See also WK71654 proposed revision

        See also WK74055 proposed revision

    E514/E514M-14a Standard Test Method for Water Penetration and Leakage Through Masonry

        See also WK74043 proposed revision

        See also WK74044 proposed revision

    E518/E518M-15 Standard Test Methods for Flexural Bond Strength of Masonry

    E519/E519M-15 Standard Test Method for Diagonal Tension (Shear) in Masonry Assemblages

        See also WK74056 proposed revision

        See also WK74057 proposed revision

        See also WK74058 proposed revision

        See also WK74059 proposed revision

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    C952-12 Standard Test Method for Bond Strength of Mortar to Masonry Units (Withdrawn 2018)

    C1357-09 Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Masonry Bond Strength (Withdrawn 2016)

    C1388-97 Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Laboratory Constructed Masonry Prisms (Withdrawn 1999)