Committee B08 on Metallic and Inorganic Coatings

    Staff Manager: Jennifer Tursi 610-8329653

    Subcommittees and Standards

    Standards under the jurisdiction of B08

    Each main committee in ASTM International is composed of subcommittees that address specific segments within the general subject area covered by the technical committee. Click on the subcommittee links below to see the title of existing standards for each subcommittee. Then, click on the resulting titles to see the standard's scope, referenced documents, and more.

    B08.01 Ancillary Activities
    B08.02 Pre Treatment
    B08.03 Engineering Coatings
    B08.04 Precious Metal Coatings
    B08.05 Decorative Coatings
    B08.06 Soft Metals
    B08.07 Conversion Coatings
    B08.10 Test Methods
    B08.12 Materials for Porcelain Enamel and Ceramic-Metal Systems
    B08.16 Nanostructured Coatings
    B08.90 Executive