Committee D10 on Packaging

    Staff Manager: Jimmy Farrell -610-832-9661

    Committee Scope

    The promotion of knowledge in, and the development of standards for packaging. Standards shall include terminology, practices, test methods, specifications, guides, and classifications (including dimensions). This work specifically includes: 1) defining materials and processes that consider both item and consumer impact; the result being a package and packaged product that are acceptable for delivery, 2) generating closely related shipping systems design criteria, 3) developing materials handling standards related to distribution, including measurement of the packaging environment, 4) assessing the suitability of packaging related standards through round-robin laboratory evaluations, quantitative testing and instrumentation applications, and, 5) establishing standards on reuse, recycling and disposal of materials related to packaging. Efforts involving tests on materials where basic research is addressed within other committees shall be closely coordinated with those relevant ASTM committees. In the process of standards development, recognition shall be made of related national and international standards with the encouragement of full participation in those activities. Proposals for new activities or abandonment of existing activites shall be considered by the Executive Committee as brought to the Committee's attention from one of the Division Chairs.