Committee F04 on Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices

    Staff Manager: Kathleen Chalfin 610-832-9717

    Committee Officers

    Chair: Warren O. Haggard
    Producer vice-chair: Jon P. Moseley
    User vice-chair: Kenneth Urish, MD, PhD
    General interest v-c: Terry O. Woods
    Secretary: Stephen Spiegelberg
    Membership secretary: Ryan L. Siskey
    Member-at-large: Hany Demian
    Member-at-large: John A. Disegi
    Member-at-large: Andrew Fluck
    Member-at-large: John S. Goode
    Member-at-large: Hani Haider PhD
    Member-at-large: Liisa T. Kuhn
    Member-at-large: Jack E. Lemons, PhD
    Member-at-large: Jonathan H. Peck
    Member-at-large: Charles B. Sidebottom
    Member-at-large: Carl Simon
    Staff manager: Kathleen Chalfin
    Admin assistant: Lindsey Limone
    Editor: Jen Congiliando