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New Paths for Automatic Guided Vehicles

A proposed ASTM standard on automatic guided vehicles will be useful to both manufacturers and purchasers of AGVs.... more


Standards Experts from Costa Rica and Indonesia to Train at ASTM

Representatives of the national standards bodies of Costa Rica and Indonesia will participate in ASTM's Standards Expert Program in June.... more


Barrios Becomes ASTM Latin American Representative

ASTM's new Latin American representative, Maria Isabel Barrios, brings a proven track record of partnering with ASTM and other standards development organizations.... more


ASTM and ICC Support Sustainable Building Codes and Standards in the Gulf

The partnership between ASTM and the International Code Council will enhance the Gulf region's efforts in areas like energy efficiency and water conservation.... more


ASTM International Begins Webinar Series for MOU Partners

ASTM is conducting a series of webinars for its MOU partners. The first program reviewed six different ways to use ASTM standards.... more


Making Playtime Safer

ASTM's committee on amusement devices is now revising its standard for air inflatable rides.... more

Plain Talk

The Role of Government

The partnership between the U.S. federal government and standards organizations long-standing and successful. James A. Thomas considers the history and current status.... more


Making Way for Biodiesel

A new grade of biodiesel now included in ASTM's fuel oil standard will help meet growing consumer and regulatory demand for cleaner-burning, low-carbon fuels.... more


ASTM Nanotechnology Standards Added to FDA List

Two ASTM standards have been added to the U.S. FDA's List of Recognized Standards, comprised of standards that can be used when assessing whether an FDA-regulated product involves a nanotechnology application.... more


Catch a Wave

A proposed ASTM standard will provide a reference tool for the safe construction and operation of standing wave rides at water fun parks.... more

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