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Managing Humans

A new ASTM committee will build consensus among stakeholders and provide guidance to practitioners of human resource management.... more

Plain Talk

Game Changer

The publication of OMB A-119 transformed the U.S. standards system.... more


Otzi the Iceman

The story of Otzi the Iceman is a true tale of an ancient man being recreated by 21st century technology. ... more

Standards Development How-to

ASTM's D.C. Office

Staff connects ASTM information and governments and organizations globally.... more


A 21st Century Trade Agreement

Twelve Countries' Shared Commitment to Eliminating Unnecessary Barriers to Trade... more


ASTM and ICC Host Middle East Delegation for Intensive Training

ASTM and the International Code Council hosted a delegation from the Gulf Cooperation Council Standardization Organization for a two-week-long intensive training program.... more


Free Time. Fun Time. Sports and Leisure Time!

Standards play their part in making sports and recreation safer. ... more

Standards and Statistics

Testing for Non-Inferiority

A form of equivalence helps to compare a new lab, instrument or test method with an established one.... more


Safer Sidewalks

A proposed ASTM standard will make sidewalks safer and more comfortable for wheelchair users.... more


ASTM Executives Speak at Moscow Standards Conference

ASTM executives John Pace and James S. Thomas spoke at a conference on the practical use of international standards, held in Moscow on April 12. ... more

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