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Enhancing Your Role as a Standards Professional

You know your role in standards development is critical to your company. Here's how to communicate that with your firm's executives.... more


25 Earth Days

For a quarter century, ASTM Committee E50 has been a trusted resource for government and industry in environmental remediation.... more


Green Through the Life Cycle

While chemical assessment guidelines exist, none define criteria for using the output as part of a larger decision making process in choosing chemical altenatives. The proposed new standard will provide this critical need. ... more

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Innovation in Infrastructure

An Interview with Anne Ellis


A director at AECOM, a global firm that builds, finances and operates diverse types of infrastructure, Anne Ellis, P.E., talks about her work in innovation and knowledge sharing, ... more

Standards and Statistics

Can a Moving Average of the Data Be Deceptive?

Sometimes I want to take a
moving average of my data to
reduce the noise I am seeing, but
can I actually fool myself?... more


Plastics Composting at Home

A proposed ASTM International standard will help environmentally conscious consumers who are interested in purchasing and composting biodegradable materials in their homes and backyards.... more


Safe and Effective Hip Replacements

A proposed new ASTM International standard will provide better clinical trials for new hip replacement technology. ... more


Invest in Your Lab

How laboratory accreditation and ASTM proficiency programs connect in pursuing and maintaining excellence in testing.... more


Modern Alchemy

Since 2005, an ASTM technical committee has been developing nanotechnology standards to meet the needs of regulatory agencies, industry and consumers.... more


Guiding Innovation

For a century, one ASTM technical committee has helped steer the modern evolution of the ancient construction material known as gypsum.... more

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