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Good Dogs

A proposed ASTM standard will identify expected minimal performance capabilities for trailing dogs on search and rescue teams.... more


A Foundation for Nanotechnology Education

Two new ASTM International standards will be used to educate current and future workers in the nanotechnology field. ... more


ASTM Exhibits at Project Qatar Construction Convention

ASTM displayed an exhibit highlighting its mission and standards developing activities at the Project Qatar event in Doha, Qatar.... more


ASTM Business Development Director Meets with Kuwaiti Standards Officials

ASTM's director of business development in the Middle East recently met with officials from Kuwait's Public Authority for Industry. ... more


CCRL Representatives Visit Kuwait Public Works Lab

Representatives from ASTM's Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory visited the Kuwait Ministry of Public Works testing laboratories. ... more


Better Shelf Life

A new ASTM standard will help test transmission rate of water vapor into packaging materials for many common consumer products. ... more


Supporting Interlaboratory Collaboration

A proposed ASTM standard will provide guidance for interlaboratory testing in the additive manufacturing realm.... more


Enhancing Your Role as a Standards Professional, Part 2: Maximizing Input to Strategic Planning

In this look at using roadmapping and scenario planning, Jeffrey Strauss continues the discussion about the role of standards and how you can take the next step in advancing your involvement in the development process.... more


Protecting Kids from Gasoline Burns

The 2015 revision to a standard that protects children from gasoline burns has been included in a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission rule. ... more


Predicting Unwanted Deposits

A proposed standard will help predict unwanted deposits that can accumulate in coal-fired power plant boilers.... more

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