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Ensuring Water Quality in Africa

In Africa, where access to clean water is an urgent issue, ASTM standards have taken root.... more


Enhancing Your Role as a Standards Professional, Part 4: Defining and Building Skills and Attributes

A discussion of the knowledge, skills and attributes needed by standards professionals.... more


Protecting Public Spaces

ASTM Committee E54 on Homeland Security Applications has developed standards in various areas, including bomb-resistant trash recepticles, explosives trace detection and emergency response robots.... more


Drone On

Unmanned aircraft are not yet ubiquitous with standards, and an ASTM committee continues to work on developing them.... more


Amusement Rides and Devices Committee Meets in Asia

Committee F24 on Amusement Rides and Devices held their June meeting in Hong Kong.... more


MOUs in Eastern Europe

About ASTM's new MOU with Montenegro and other MOU partners in Eastern Europe.... more

Standards Development How-to


Make Your Committee a Vital One: Leadership, Membership, Resources and Standards Involvement... more

First Person

Approaching Materials Strategically

An Interview with Alexander H. King

Alex King of the Critical Materials Institute talks about the management of rare and critical resources.... more

Board Nominees

Nominees for the ASTM Board of Directors

Announcing the 2015 nominees for the ASTM International Board of Directors, with terms commencing Jan. 1, 2016.... more

Standards and Statistics

Combining Results

How to combine the results of two samples that are statistically alike when the original data is unavailable.... more

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