Subcommittee G04.02 on Recommended Practices

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    G63-99(2007) Standard Guide for Evaluating Nonmetallic Materials for Oxygen Service

        See also WK30876 proposed revision

    G88-13 Standard Guide for Designing Systems for Oxygen Service

    G93-03(2011) Standard Practice for Cleaning Methods and Cleanliness Levels for Material and Equipment Used in Oxygen-Enriched Environments

        See also WK34324 proposed revision

    G94-05(2014) Standard Guide for Evaluating Metals for Oxygen Service

    G114-07 Standard Practices for Evaluating the Age Resistance of Polymeric Materials Used in Oxygen Service

        See also WK44508 proposed revision

    G120-01(2008) Standard Practice for Determination of Soluble Residual Contamination in by Soxhlet Extraction

    G121-98(2010)e1 Standard Practice for Preparation of Contaminated Test Coupons for the Evaluation of Cleaning Agents

    G127-95(2008) Standard Guide for the Selection of Cleaning Agents for Oxygen Systems

        See also WK45568 proposed revision

    G128-02(2008) Standard Guide for Control of Hazards and Risks in Oxygen Enriched Systems

        See also WK47036 proposed revision

    G131-96(2008) Standard Practice for Cleaning of Materials and Components by Ultrasonic Techniques

    G136-03(2009) Standard Practice for Determination of Soluble Residual Contaminants in Materials by Ultrasonic Extraction

    G145-08 Standard Guide for Studying Fire Incidents in Oxygen Systems

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    WK42058 New Guide for Performing Oxygen Compatibility Assessments on Oxygen Components and Systems

    WK45661 New Practice for Recommended practice for selection, installation, and operation of filters/strainers in pressurized gaseous oxygen piping system