Subcommittee F42.01 on Test Methods

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    F2971-13 Standard Practice for Reporting Data for Test Specimens Prepared by Additive Manufacturing

    F3122-14 Standard Guide for Evaluating Mechanical Properties of Metal Materials Made via Additive Manufacturing Processes

    ISO/ASTM52921-13 Standard Terminology for Additive Manufacturing-Coordinate Systems and Test Methodologies

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    WK40419 New Test Methods for Performance evaluation of additive manufacturing systems through measurement of a manufactured test piece.

    WK48612 New Guide for Conducting a Round Robin Study of Additive Manufacturing Processes and Materials

    WK49229 New Guide for Anisotropy Effects in Mechanical Properties of AM Parts

    WK49230 New Guide for Conducting Round Robin Studies for Additive Manufacturing

    WK49272 New Test Methods for Characterization of Powder Flow Properties for AM Applications

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