Subcommittee F36.20 on Inspection and Renewal of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

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    F2304-10 Standard Practice for Sealing of Sewers Using Chemical Grouting

    F2414-04(2009) Standard Practice for Sealing Sewer Manholes Using Chemical Grouting

    F2454-05(2010) Standard Practice for Sealing Lateral Connections and lines from the mainline Sewer Systems by the Lateral Packer Method, Using Chemical Grouting

    F2550-13 Standard Practice for Locating Leaks in Sewer Pipes By Measuring the Variation of Electric Current Flow Through the Pipe Wall

    F2551-09 Standard Practice for Installing a Protective Cementitious Liner System in Sanitary Sewer Manholes

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    WK23937 New Practice for Renewal of Existing Potable Water Pipes with Polyurea and Polyurethane Linings

    WK26451 New Practice for Applying a Centrifugally Cast Liner Inside Storm Pipes and Culverts

    WK28964 New Practice for Establishing Sampling Density Units for Computer-Vision-Based Laser Pipe-Profiling Robots

    WK37731 New Specification for Installing a Monolithic Specialty PVC Cured-in-Place Lining System Inside Sanitary Sewer Structures and Storm Drains

    WK39911 New Practice for Laser Technologies for Measurement of Pipeline Ovality

    WK40863 New Practice for Injectable Beddings for Lateral Connections to Main Sewer

    WK44854 New Practice for Standard Practice for Laser Technologies for the Direct Measurement of Deformed Cross Sectional Shape of Pipeline and conduit by Rotating Laser Projector and CCTV Camera System

    WK45911 New Practice for Proper Use of Video Micrometer Measurement Technology for Cracks and Joint Gaps in Pipes, Conduits and Culverts

    WK45831 New Practice for Applying a Centrifugally Cast Geopolymer Liner Inside Sanitary Sewers, Storm Pipes and Drainage Culverts

    WK46174 New Practice for Standard Practice for the Proper Use of Mechanical No-Dig Point Repair Sleeve with a Quick Locking Gear Mechanism for Pipes of Varying Inner Diameter and Offset Joints