Subcommittee F32.02 on Management and Operations

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    F1422-08(2014) Standard Guide for Using the Incident Command System Framework in Managing Search and Rescue Operations

    F1583-95(2012) Standard Practice for Communications Procedures—Phonetics

    F1591-95(2012) Standard Practice for Visual Signals Between Persons on the Ground and in Aircraft During Ground Emergencies

    F1633-97(2008) Standard Guide for Techniques in Land Search

    F1728-96(2014) Standard Practice for Multiple Persons Cold Water Survival/Rescue Technique: Huddle Position

    F1729-96(2014) Standard Practice for Single Person Cold Water Survival/Rescue Technique: HELP Position

    F1730-96(2014) Standard Guide for Throwing a Water Rescue Throwbag

    F1765-97a(2014) Standard Guide for Ice Staff Self-Rescue Technique

    F1766-97a(2014) Standard Guide for Ice Awls Self-Rescue Technique

    F1767-14 Standard Guide for Forms Used for Search and Rescue

    F1768-97(2014) Standard Guide for Using Whistle Signals During Rope Rescue Operations

    F1846-98(2014) Standard Practice for Symbols and Markings for Use With Land Search Maps

    F1847-14 Standard Guide for Minimum Training of Search Dog Crews or Teams

    F1848-14 Standard Classification System for Canine Search Resources

    F1879-14 Standard Guide for Demonstrating Obedience and Agility in Search and Rescue Dogs

        See also WK45843 proposed reinstate

    F2047-00(2012) Standard Practice for Workers’ Compensation Coverage of Emergency Services Volunteers

    F2099-01(2014) Standard Guide for Use of Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Grids When Preparing and Using a Field Map for Land Search

    F2662-08(2014) Standard Guide for Minimum Training of Dispatchers and Telecommunicators of SAR Incidents

    F2752-09(2014) Standard Guide for Training for Level I Rope Rescue (R1) Rescuer Endorsement

    F2794-09(2014) Standard Guide for Level 1 (Basic) Mounted Search and Rescue (MSAR) Responder

    F3048-13e1 Standard Guide for Swiftwater/Flood Search and Rescue Operations

    F3069-14 Standard Guide for Requirements for Bodies that Operate Certification Programs in the Field of Search and Rescue

    F3070-14 Standard Guide for Evaluating Area Search Dog Crews or Teams

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    WK12343 Standard Guide for a Level I Evacuation of a Passenger Using Equine

    WK15283 New Guide for Guide for Using Whistle Signals During Water Rescue Operations

    WK15284 New Guide for Guide for Performance of a River/Flood/Swift Water Rescuer Level III


    WK24699 New Guide for Training for Land SAR as a Level I Out-of-Area Disaster Responder

    WK25635 New Classification for Additional Human Tracker Skill Levels

    WK41053 New Guide for Evaluating Area Search Dog Crews or Teams

    WK44540 New Guide for Evaluating Trailing Search Dog Crews or Teams