Subcommittee F32.01 on Equipment, Testing, and Maintenance

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    F1549-94(2011) Standard Terminology Relating to Underwater Search, Rescue, and Recovery Activities

    F1764-97(2012) Standard Guide for Selection of Hardline Communication Systems for Confined-Space Rescue

    F1772-12 Standard Specification for Harnesses for Rescue, Safety, and Sport Activities

    F1773-09 Standard Terminology Relating to Climbing, Mountaineering, Search and Rescue Equipment and Practices

    F1774-13 Standard Specification for Climbing and Mountaineering Carabiners

    F1823-97(2012) Standard Guide for Water Rescue Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

    F1956-13 Standard Specification for Rescue Carabiners

    F2116-01(2007) Standard Specification for Low Stretch and Static Kernmantle Life Safety Rope

    F2266-03(2008)e1 Standard Specification for Masses Used in Testing Rescue Systems and Components

    F2436-05(2011) Standard Test Method for Measuring the Performance of Synthetic Rope Rescue Belay Systems Using a Drop Test

    F2491-05(2010)e1 Standard Guide for Determining Load Ratios for Technical Rescue Systems and Equipment

    F2684/F2684M-07(2012)e1 Standard Test Method for Portable High Anchor Devices

    F2821-10 Standard Test Methods for Basket Type Rescue Litters

    F2822-10 Standard Specification for Fixed Anchorages Installed on Structures used for Rope Rescue Training

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    F1491-93(2002) Standard Specification for An Avalanche Beacon Frequency (Withdrawn 2007)

    F1775-97(2004) Standard Specification for Labeling of Climbing and Mountaineering Equipment (Withdrawn 2009)