Subcommittee F08.66 on Sports Facilities

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    F1703-13 Standard Guide for Skating and Ice Hockey Playing Facilities

    F2334-09 Standard Guide for Above Ground Public Use Skatepark Facilities

    F2442-07 Standard Guide for Layout of Ice Arena

    F2480-06(2012) Standard Guide for In-ground Concrete Skatepark

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    WK611 Specification for Signage Guidelines for Sports Facilities

    WK28746 New Practice for Design, Construction, Maintenance, Use, and Safety of Ice Hockey Rinks

    WK28186 New Guide for Selecting Softball/Baseball Playing Field Facility Components Formerly (WK12692)

    WK32569 New Guide for for Designated and Non-Designated Snow Sliding/Coasting Slopes

    WK40804 New Specification for Safety Program Requirements for Ice Rinks