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    D2389-83(1994) Standard Test Method for Minimum Pressure for Vapor Phase Ignition of Monopropellents (Withdrawn 2003)

    D2506-80(1989) Standard Terminology Relating to Solid Rocket Propulsion (Withdrawn 1998)

    D2507-93(2001) Standard Terminology of Rheological Properties of Gelled Rocket Propellants (Withdrawn 2003)

    D2508-93(2002) Standard Test Method for Solid Rocket Propellant Specific Impulse Measurements (Withdrawn 2003)

    D2539-93(2001) Standard Test Method for Shock Sensitivity of Liquid Monopropellants by the Card-Gap Test (Withdrawn 2003)

    D2540-93(2001) Standard Test Method for Drop-Weight Sensitivity of Liquid Monopropellants (Withdrawn 2003)

    D2541-93(2001) Standard Test Method for Critical Diameter and Detonation Velocity of Liquid Monopropellants (Withdrawn 2003)

    F359-82(1994)e1 Standard Practice for Static Immersion Testing of Unstressed Materials in Nitrogen Tetroxide (N 2) (Withdrawn 2003)

    F371-83(1994)e1 Standard Test Method for Compatibility of Materials with Liquid Oxygen (Reaction Intensity Method) (Withdrawn 2003)

    F764-82(1994) Standard Practice for Compatibility of Materials with High-Energy Propellants (Impact Sensitivity Threshold Technique) (Withdrawn 2003)