Subcommittee F02.15 on Chemical/Safety Properties

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    F34-13 Standard Practice for Construction of Test Cell for Liquid Extraction of Flexible Barrier Materials

    F874-98(2014) Standard Test Method for Temperature Measurement and Profiling for Microwave Susceptors

    F1308-98(2014) Standard Test Method for Quantitating Volatile Extractables in Microwave Susceptors Used for Food Products

    F1317-98(2012) Standard Test Method for Calibration of Microwave Ovens

    F1349-08(2014) Standard Test Method for Nonvolatile Ultraviolet (UV) Absorbing Extractables from Microwave Susceptors

    F1416-96(2014) Standard Guide for Selection of Time-Temperature Indicators

    F1500-98(2014) Standard Test Method for Quantitating Non-UV-Absorbing Nonvolatile Extractables from Microwave Susceptors Utilizing Solvents as Food Simulants

    F1519-98(2014) Standard Test Method for Qualitative Analysis of Volatile Extractables in Microwave Susceptors Used to Heat Food Products

    F1608-00(2009) Standard Test Method for Microbial Ranking of Porous Packaging Materials (Exposure Chamber Method)

        See also WK43901 proposed revision

    F1884-04(2011) Standard Test Method for Determining Residual Solvents in Packaging Materials

    F2013-10 Standard Test Method for Determination of Residual Acetaldehyde in Polyethylene Terephthalate Bottle Polymer Using an Automated Static Head-Space Sampling Device and a Capillary GC with a Flame Ionization Detector

    F2475-11 Standard Guide for Biocompatibility Evaluation of Medical Device Packaging Materials

    F2638-12 Standard Test Method for Using Aerosol Filtration for Measuring the Performance of Porous Packaging Materials as a Surrogate Microbial Barrier

        See also WK47260 proposed revision

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