Subcommittee E61.04 on Specialty Application

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    E2232-10 Standard Guide for Selection and Use of Mathematical Methods for Calculating Absorbed Dose in Radiation Processing Applications

    E2381-04(2010) Standard Guide for Dosimetry In Radiation Processing of Fluidized Beds and Fluid Streams

    ISO/ASTM51539-05(2013) Standard Guide for Use of Radiation-Sensitive Indicators

    ISO/ASTM51900-09 Standard Guide for Dosimetry in Radiation Research on Food and Agricultural Products

    ISO/ASTM51939-05(2013) Standard Practice for Blood Irradiation Dosimetry

    ISO/ASTM51940-13 Standard Guide for Dosimetry for Sterile Insect Release Programs

    ISO/ASTM52116-13 Standard Practice for Dosimetry for a Self-Contained Dry-Storage Gamma Irradiator

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