Subcommittee E55.04 on General Biopharmaceutical Standards

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    E1564-00(2006) Standard Guide for Design and Maintenance of Low-Temperature Storage Facilities for Maintaining Cryopreserved Biological Materials

        See also WK46230 proposed withdrawal

    E1565-00(2006) Standard Guide for Inventory Control and Handling of Biological Material Maintained at Low Temperatures

        See also WK46232 proposed withdrawal

    E1566-00(2006) Standard Guide for Handling Hazardous Biological Materials in Liquid Nitrogen

        See also WK46233 proposed withdrawal

    E2097-00(2006) Standard Guide for Determining the Impact of Extractables from Non-Metallic Materials on the Safety of Biotechnology Products

        See also WK46236 proposed withdrawal

    E2888-12 Standard Practice for Process for Inactivation of Rodent Retrovirus by pH

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    WK43975 New Practice for for determining and characterizing extractables from materials used in single-use applications

    WK39883 New Practice for Process for Inactivation of Enveloped Viruses Using Detergent

    WK43739 New Practice for Process to Remove MuLV Virus by Filtration

    WK43741 New Practice for Testing Integrity of Single-Use Systems at Vendors Manufacturing Facilities

    WK43742 New Practice for Characterizing Particulate burden from Single-Use Systems for End-user Impact Assessment

    WK47355 New Practice for Controlling Integrity of Single-Use Systems during Biopharmaceutical manufacturing process at End-user factory

    WK47356 New Practice for Characterizing Particulates Burden from Single-Use Systems at Vendor Factory

    WK47357 New Practice for Application of Single-use System in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical manufacturing

    WK47635 Determining Retention of Large Viruses by Membrane Filters Used in Aqueous Liquid Filtration

    WK47636 Determining Retention of Small Viruses by Membrane Filters Used in Aqueous Liquid Filtration

    WK47637 Enumeration of PP7 Bacteriophage

    WK47638 Preparation of PP7 Viral Stock

    WK47639 Enumeration of PR772 Bacteriophage

    WK47640 Preparation of PR772 Viral Stock