Subcommittee E41.06 on Weighing Devices

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    E319-85(2008) Standard Practice for the Evaluation of Single-Pan Mechanical Balances

    E617-13 Standard Specification for Laboratory Weights and Precision Mass Standards

        See also WK23123 proposed revision

        See also WK42596 proposed revision

    E898-88(2013) Standard Test Method of Testing Top-Loading, Direct-Reading Laboratory Scales and Balances

        See also WK23125 proposed revision

    E1154-89(2008) Standard Specification for Piston or Plunger Operated Volumetric Apparatus

    E1270-88(2008) Standard Test Method for Equal Arm Balances

    E1292-94(2011) Standard Specification for Gravity Convection and Forced Ventilation Incubators

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