Subcommittee E28.13 on Residual Stress Measurement

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    E837-13a Standard Test Method for Determining Residual Stresses by the Hole-Drilling Strain-Gage Method

    E915-10 Standard Test Method for Verifying the Alignment of X-Ray Diffraction Instrumentation for Residual Stress Measurement

    E1426-98(2009)e1 Standard Test Method for Determining the Effective Elastic Parameter for X-Ray Diffraction Measurements of Residual Stress

        See also WK40112 proposed revision

    E1685-13 Standard Practice for Measuring the Change in Length of Fasteners Using the Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Technique

    E1928-13 Standard Practice for Estimating the Approximate Residual Circumferential Stress in Straight Thin-walled Tubing

    E2860-12 Standard Test Method for Residual Stress Measurement by X-Ray Diffraction for Bearing Steels

        See also WK40062 proposed revision

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    E1544-99(2004)e1 Standard Practice for Construction of a Stepped Block and Its Use to Estimate Errors Produced by Speed-of-Sound Measurement Systems for Use on Solids (Withdrawn 2012)