Subcommittee E27.02 on Thermal Stability and Condensed Phases

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    E487-14 Standard Test Method for Constant-Temperature Stability of Chemical Materials

    E537-12 Standard Test Method for The Thermal Stability of Chemicals by Differential Scanning Calorimetry

    E680-79(2011)e1 Standard Test Method for Drop Weight Impact Sensitivity of Solid-Phase Hazardous Materials

    E698-11 Standard Test Method for Arrhenius Kinetic Constants for Thermally Unstable Materials Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry and the Flynn/Wall/Ozawa Method

    E1231-10 Standard Practice for Calculation of Hazard Potential Figures-of-Merit for Thermally Unstable Materials

    E1981-98(2012)e2 Standard Guide for Assessing Thermal Stability of Materials by Methods of Accelerating Rate Calorimetry

        See also WK30608 proposed revision

    E2012-06(2012) Standard Guide for the Preparation of a Binary Chemical Compatibility Chart

    E2046-14 Standard Test Method for Reaction Induction Time by Thermal Analysis

    E2781-11 Standard Practice for Evaluation of Methods for Determination of Kinetic Parameters by Thermal Analysis

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    WK24833 New Guide for Using Calorimetry for Emergency Relief System Design

    E476-87(2001) Standard Test Method for Thermal Instability of Confined Condensed Phase Systems (Confinement Test) (Withdrawn 2008)