Subcommittee E21.05 on Contamination

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    E595-07 Standard Test Method for Total Mass Loss and Collected Volatile Condensable Materials from Outgassing in a Vacuum Environment

        See also WK26100 proposed revision

        See also WK40357 proposed revision

    E834-09 Standard Practice for Determining Vacuum Chamber Gaseous Environment Using a Cold Finger

    E1216-11 Standard Practice for Sampling for Particulate Contamination by Tape Lift

    E1234-12 Standard Practice for Handling, Transporting, and Installing Nonvolatile Residue (NVR) Sample Plates Used in Environmentally Controlled Areas for Spacecraft

    E1235-12 Standard Test Method for Gravimetric Determination of Nonvolatile Residue (NVR) in Environmentally Controlled Areas for Spacecraft

    E1548-09 Standard Practice for Preparation of Aerospace Contamination Control Plans

        See also WK50012 proposed revision

    E1549/E1549M-13 Standard Specification for ESD Controlled Garments Required in Cleanrooms and Controlled Environments for Spacecraft for Non-Hazardous and Hazardous Operations

    E1559-09 Standard Test Method for Contamination Outgassing Characteristics of Spacecraft Materials

    E1560-11e1 Standard Test Method for Gravimetric Determination of Nonvolatile Residue From Cleanroom Wipers

    E1731-11 Standard Test Method for Gravimetric Determination of Nonvolatile Residue from Cleanroom Gloves

    E1997-12 Standard Practice for the Selection of Spacecraft Materials

        See also WK49107 proposed revision

    E2042/E2042M-09 Standard Practice for Cleaning and Maintaining Controlled Areas and Clean Rooms

    E2088-06(2011) Standard Practice for Selecting, Preparing, Exposing, and Analyzing Witness Surfaces for Measuring Particle Deposition in Cleanrooms and Associated Controlled Environments

    E2090-12 Standard Test Method for Size-Differentiated Counting of Particles and Fibers Released from Cleanroom Wipers Using Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopy

    E2217-12 Standard Practice for Design and Construction of Aerospace Cleanrooms and Contamination Controlled Areas

    E2311-04(2009) Standard Practice for QCM Measurement of Spacecraft Molecular Contamination in Space

    E2312-11 Standard Practice for Tests of Cleanroom Materials

    E2352-04(2010) Standard Practice for Aerospace Cleanrooms and Associated Controlled Environments-Cleanroom Operations

    E2900-12 Standard Practice for Spacecraft Hardware Thermal Vacuum Bakeout

    F21-14 Standard Test Method for Hydrophobic Surface Films by the Atomizer Test

    F22-13 Standard Test Method for Hydrophobic Surface Films by the Water-Break Test

    F24-09 Standard Method for Measuring and Counting Particulate Contamination on Surfaces

    F25/F25M-09 Standard Test Method for Sizing and Counting Airborne Particulate Contamination in Cleanrooms and Other Dust-Controlled Areas

    F50-12 Standard Practice for Continuous Sizing and Counting of Airborne Particles in Dust-Controlled Areas and Clean Rooms Using Instruments Capable of Detecting Single Sub-Micrometre and Larger Particles

        See also WK49106 proposed revision

    F51/F51M-00(2014)e1 Standard Test Method for Sizing and Counting Particulate Contaminant In and On Clean Room Garments

    F91-06(2011) Standard Practice for Testing for Leaks in the Filters Associated With Laminar Flow Clean Rooms and Clean Work Stations by Use of a Condensation Nuclei Detector

    F302-09 Standard Practice for Field Sampling of Aerospace Fluids in Containers

    F303-08 Standard Practices for Sampling for Particles in Aerospace Fluids and Components

        See also WK42955 proposed revision

    F307-13 Standard Practice for Sampling Pressurized Gas for Gas Analysis

    F309-04(2010) Standard Practice for Liquid Sampling of Noncryogenic Aerospace Propellants

    F310-07(2012) Standard Practice for Sampling Cryogenic Aerospace Fluids

    F311-08(2013) Standard Practice for Processing Aerospace Liquid Samples for Particulate Contamination Analysis Using Membrane Filters

    F312-08 Standard Test Methods for Microscopical Sizing and Counting Particles from Aerospace Fluids on Membrane Filters

        See also WK42954 proposed revision

    F327-08 Standard Practice for Sampling Gas Blow Down Systems and Components for Particulate Contamination by Automatic Particle Monitor Method

    F331-13 Standard Test Method for Nonvolatile Residue of Solvent Extract from Aerospace Components (Using Flash Evaporator)

        See also WK36217 proposed revision

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    WK26629 New Test Method for Detection and Measurement of Nonvolatile Residue in Process Support Materials Deposited by Dry Contact Transfer