Subcommittee E20.05 on Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers and Hydrometers

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    E1-13 Standard Specification for ASTM Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers

        See also WK43571 proposed revision

    E77-07 Standard Test Method for Inspection and Verification of Thermometers

        See also WK43573 proposed revision

    E100-10 Standard Specification for ASTM Hydrometers

        See also WK43574 proposed revision

    E126-13a Standard Test Method for Inspection, Calibration, and Verification of ASTM Hydrometers

        See also WK44013 proposed revision

    E2251-11 Standard Specification for Liquid-in-Glass ASTM Thermometers with Low-Hazard Precision Liquids

        See also WK43572 proposed revision

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    WK27505 New Specification for ASTM Thermohydrometers with Integral Low-Hazard Thermometers