Subcommittee E18.03 on Sensory Theory and Statistics

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    E1697-05(2012)e1 Standard Test Method for Unipolar Magnitude Estimation of Sensory Attributes

        See also WK32967 proposed revision

    E1909-13 Standard Guide for Time-Intensity Evaluation of Sensory Attributes

    E2262-03(2014) Standard Practice for Estimating Thurstonian Discriminal Distances

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    WK8435 New Guide for Measuring and Tracking Sensory Descriptive Panel and Assessor Performance

    WK29225 New Test Method for Standard Guide for design and execution of sensory-instrumental correlation studies

    WK33417 New Guide for Sensory Equivalence Testing

    WK33309 New Guide for Statistical Treatment of Ties, No Preference and No Difference Counts

    WK41798 New Guide for Temporal Methods