Subcommittee E17.21 on Field Methods for Measuring Tire Pavement Friction

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    E274/E274M-11 Standard Test Method for Skid Resistance of Paved Surfaces Using a Full-Scale Tire

    E445/E445M-88(2013) Standard Test Method for Stopping Distance on Paved Surfaces Using a Passenger Vehicle Equipped With Full-Scale Tires

    E556/E556M-11 Standard Test Method for Calibrating a Wheel Force or Torque Transducer Using a Calibration Platform (User Level)

    E670-09 Standard Test Method for Side Force Friction on Paved Surfaces Using the Mu-Meter

    E1337-90(2012) Standard Test Method for Determining Longitudinal Peak Braking Coefficient of Paved Surfaces Using Standard Reference Test Tire

    E1859/E1859M-11e1 Standard Test Method for Friction Coefficient Measurements Between Tire and Pavement Using a Variable Slip Technique

    E1890-11 Standard Guide for Validating New Area Reference Skid Measurement Systems and Equipment

    E1911-09ae1 Standard Test Method for Measuring Paved Surface Frictional Properties Using the Dynamic Friction Tester

        See also WK46701 proposed revision

    E1960-07(2011) Standard Practice for Calculating International Friction Index of a Pavement Surface

    E2100-04(2010) Standard Practice for Calculating the International Runway Friction Index

    E2101-14 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Frictional Properties of Winter Contaminated Pavement Surfaces Using an Averaging-Type Spot Measuring Decelerometer

        See also WK49443 proposed revision

    E2340/E2340M-11e1 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Skid Resistance of Pavements and Other Trafficked Surfaces Using a Continuous Reading, Fixed-Slip Technique

    E2341/E2341M-05(2014) Standard Test Method for Determining the Stopping Distance Number by Initial Speed and Stopping Distance at Traffic Incident Sites

    E2666-09(2014) Standard Practice for Correlations of Mu Values of Continuous Friction Measurement Equipment to Determine Maintenance Levels for Use at Airports

    E2793-10e1 Standard Guide for the Evaluation, Calibration, and Correlation of E274 Friction Measurement Systems and Equipment

    E2883-13 Standard Guide for Standard Guide for the Evaluation, and Calibration, Continuous Friction Measurement Equipment (CFME)

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    WK5710 New Practice for /Guide for Friction Measurements of Aerodrome Runways

    WK40015 New Test Method for Determining the Skid Resistance of a Pavement Surface by Measuring the Sideway Force Coefficient (SFCS) Using SCRIM