Subcommittee E11.10 on Sampling / Statistics

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    E105-10 Standard Practice for Probability Sampling Of Materials

        See also WK33472 proposed revision

    E122-09e1 Standard Practice for Calculating Sample Size to Estimate, With Specified Precision, the Average for a Characteristic of a Lot or Process

    E141-10 Standard Practice for Acceptance of Evidence Based on the Results of Probability Sampling

    E178-08 Standard Practice for Dealing With Outlying Observations

        See also WK52157 proposed revision

        See also WK52160 proposed revision

    E1325-02(2008) Standard Terminology Relating to Design of Experiments

        See also WK48736 proposed revision

        See also WK51314 proposed revision

    E1402-13 Standard Guide for Sampling Design

    E2586-14 Standard Practice for Calculating and Using Basic Statistics

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    WK32565 New Guide for Guide For the Use of Non Parametric Statistical Methods - Part 1

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    E1267-88 Guide for ASTM Standard Specification Quality Statements (Withdrawn 1996)