Subcommittee E10.03 on Radiological Protection for Decontamination and Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities and Components

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    E1034-95(2013) Standard Specification for Nuclear Facility Transient Worker Records

    E1167-15 Standard Guide for Radiation Protection Program for Decommissioning Operations

    E1168-95(2013) Standard Guide for Radiological Protection Training for Nuclear Facility Workers

    E1281-15 Standard Guide for Nuclear Facility Decommissioning Plans

    E1760-09 Standard Guide for Unrestricted Disposition of Bulk Materials Containing Residual Amounts of Radioactivity

        See also WK47227 proposed revision

    E1819-15 Standard Guide for Environmental Monitoring Plans for Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities

    E1892-15 Standard Guide for Preparing Characterization Plans for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities

    E1893-15 Standard Guide for Selection and Use of Portable Radiological Survey Instruments for Performing In Situ Radiological Assessments to Support Unrestricted Release from Further Regulatory Controls

    E2216-02(2013) Standard Guide for Evaluating Disposal Options for Concrete from Nuclear Facility Decommissioning

    E2420-15 Standard Guide for Post-Deactivation Surveillance and Maintenance of Radiologically Contaminated Facilities

    E2421-15 Standard Guide for Preparing Waste Management Plans for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities

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    E1278-88(1996)e1 Standard Guide for Radioactive Pathway Methodology for Release of Sites Following Decommissioning (Withdrawn 2005)