Subcommittee E10.03 on Radiological Protection for Decontamination and Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities and Components

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    E1034-95(2013) Standard Specification for Nuclear Facility Transient Worker Records

    E1167-15 Standard Guide for Radiation Protection Program for Decommissioning Operations

    E1168-95(2013) Standard Guide for Radiological Protection Training for Nuclear Facility Workers

    E1281-15 Standard Guide for Nuclear Facility Decommissioning Plans

        See also WK49215 proposed revision

    E1760-09 Standard Guide for Unrestricted Disposition of Bulk Materials Containing Residual Amounts of Radioactivity

        See also WK47227 proposed revision

    E1819-15 Standard Guide for Environmental Monitoring Plans for Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities

        See also WK49216 proposed revision

    E1892-15 Standard Guide for Preparing Characterization Plans for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities

    E1893-15 Standard Guide for Selection and Use of Portable Radiological Survey Instruments for Performing In Situ Radiological Assessments to Support Unrestricted Release from Further Regulatory Controls

        See also WK46854 proposed revision

    E2216-02(2013) Standard Guide for Evaluating Disposal Options for Concrete from Nuclear Facility Decommissioning

    E2420-15 Standard Guide for Post-Deactivation Surveillance and Maintenance of Radiologically Contaminated Facilities

        See also WK49217 proposed revision

    E2421-15 Standard Guide for Preparing Waste Management Plans for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities

        See also WK49218 proposed revision

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    E1278-88(1996)e1 Standard Guide for Radioactive Pathway Methodology for Release of Sites Following Decommissioning (Withdrawn 2005)