Subcommittee E10.02 on Behavior and Use of Nuclear Structural Materials

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    E185-10 Standard Practice for Design of Surveillance Programs for Light-Water Moderated Nuclear Power Reactor Vessels

        See also WK40938 proposed revision

    E509/E509M-14 Standard Guide for In-Service Annealing of Light-Water Moderated Nuclear Reactor Vessels

    E531-13 Standard Practice for Surveillance Testing of High-Temperature Nuclear Component Materials

        See also WK40101 proposed revision

    E636-14 Standard Guide for Conducting Supplemental Surveillance Tests for Nuclear Power Reactor Vessels, E?706 (IH)

        See also WK40958 proposed revision

    E900-02(2007) Standard Guide for Predicting Radiation-Induced Transition Temperature Shift in Reactor Vessel Materials, E706 (IIF)

        See also WK34875 proposed revision

    E1214-11 Standard Guide for Use of Melt Wire Temperature Monitors for Reactor Vessel Surveillance, E 706 (IIIE)

    E1253-13 Standard Guide for Reconstitution of Irradiated Charpy-Sized Specimens

    E2215-10 Standard Practice for Evaluation of Surveillance Capsules from Light-Water Moderated Nuclear Power Reactor Vessels

        See also WK42728 proposed revision

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    WK33543 New Guide for Use of SiC as a Temperature Monitor for Reactor Vessel Surveillance

    E184-79(1994) Standard Practice for Effects of High-Energy Neutron Radiation on the Mechanical Properties of Metallic Materials, E706 (IB) (Withdrawn 2002)

    E453-79(2001) Standard Practice for Examination of Fuel Element Cladding Including the Determination of the Mechanical Properties (Withdrawn 2008)