Subcommittee E06.81 on Building Economics

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    E833-14 Standard Terminology of Building Economics

        See also WK37296 proposed revision

    E917-13 Standard Practice for Measuring Life-Cycle Costs of Buildings and Building Systems

    E964-06(2010) Standard Practice for Measuring Benefit-to-Cost and Savings-to-Investment Ratios for Buildings and Building Systems

        See also WK48372 proposed revision

    E1057-06(2010) Standard Practice for Measuring Internal Rate of Return and Adjusted Internal Rate of Return for Investments in Buildings and Building Systems

        See also WK48373 proposed revision

    E1074-09 Standard Practice for Measuring Net Benefits and Net Savings for Investments in Buildings and Building Systems

        See also WK42032 proposed revision

    E1121-12 Standard Practice for Measuring Payback for Investments in Buildings and Building Systems

    E1185-12 Standard Guide for Selecting Economic Methods for Evaluating Investments in Buildings and Building Systems

    E1369-11 Standard Guide for Selecting Techniques for Treating Uncertainty and Risk in the Economic Evaluation of Buildings and Building Systems

    E1557-09 Standard Classification for Building Elements and Related Sitework-UNIFORMAT II

        See also WK24251 proposed revision

        See also WK24254 proposed revision

    E1699-14 Standard Practice for Performing Value Engineering (VE)/Value Analysis (VA) of Projects, Products and Processes

    E1765-11 Standard Practice for Applying Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to Multiattribute Decision Analysis of Investments Related to Buildings and Building Systems

    E1804-12 Standard Practice for Performing and Reporting Cost Analysis During the Design Phase of a Project

    E1946-12 Standard Practice for Measuring Cost Risk of Buildings and Building Systems and Other Constructed Projects

    E2013-12 Standard Practice for Constructing FAST Diagrams and Performing Function Analysis During Value Analysis Study

        See also WK41752 proposed revision

    E2083-05(2010) Standard Classification for Building Construction Field Requirements, and Office Overhead Profit

    E2103/E2103M-13 Standard Classification for Bridge Elements—UNIFORMAT II

    E2150-13 Standard Classification for Life-Cycle Environmental Work Elements—Environmental Cost Element Structure

    E2166-12 Standard Practice for Organizing and Managing Building Data

    E2168-10 Standard Classification for Allowance, Contingency and Reserve Sums in Building Construction Estimating

    E2204-11a Standard Guide for Summarizing the Economic Impacts of Building-Related Projects

        See also WK48526 proposed revision

    E2506-11 Standard Guide for Developing a Cost-Effective Risk Mitigation Plan for New and Existing Constructed Facilities

        See also WK48527 proposed revision

    E2514-08 Standard Practice for Presentation Format of Elemental Cost Estimates, Summaries, and Analyses

        See also WK41104 proposed revision

    E2516-11 Standard Classification for Cost Estimate Classification System

    E2620-08 Standard Classification for Program and Project Estimate Summaries

        See also WK41103 proposed revision

    E2637-13 Standard Guide for Utilizing the Environmental Cost Element Structure Presented by Classification E2150

    E2691-11 Standard Practice for Job Productivity Measurement

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    WK35163 New Classification for Road Tunnel (Underground) Standard

    WK35212 New Classification for Highway Transportation Elements and Related Sitework UNIFORMAT II

    WK35762 New Classification for WaterfrontUNIFORMAT II

    WK37494 New Guide for Guide to Strategic Planning

    WK37656 New Classification for Dam & Canal

    WK39341 New Classification for Standard Classification for Water Management and Related Systems

    WK45219 New Classification for Facility Asset Component Tracking System (FACTS)

    WK48130 New Classification for Sitework - UNIFORMAT II

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