Subcommittee E05.33 on Fire Safety Engineering

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    E1355-12 Standard Guide for Evaluating the Predictive Capability of Deterministic Fire Models

    E1546-15 Standard Guide for Development of Fire-Hazard-Assessment Standards

    E1591-13 Standard Guide for Obtaining Data for Fire Growth Models

        See also WK47349 proposed revision

    E1776-16 Standard Guide for Development of Fire-Risk-Assessment Standards

        See also WK52539 proposed revision

    E3020-16a Standard Practice for Ignition Sources

        See also WK52540 proposed revision

        See also WK52541 proposed revision

        See also WK52542 proposed revision

        See also WK52544 proposed revision

        See also WK52545 proposed revision

        See also WK52548 proposed revision

        See also WK52550 proposed revision

        See also WK52551 proposed revision

        See also WK53468 proposed revision

        See also WK55097 proposed revision

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    WK46555 New Practice for Standard Ignition Sources

    WK48113 New Practice for Quick Calculation Methods for Performance-Based Fire Safety Design in the Built Environment.

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    E1472-07 Standard Guide for Documenting Computer Software for Fire Models (Withdrawn 2011)

    E1895-07 Standard Guide for Determining Uses and Limitations of Deterministic Fire Models (Withdrawn 2011)