Subcommittee D28.04 on Gas Phase Evaluation Tests

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    D2854-09(2014) Standard Test Method for Apparent Density of Activated Carbon

    D2862-16 Standard Test Method for Particle Size Distribution of Granular Activated Carbon

        See also WK52935 proposed revision

    D2866-11 Standard Test Method for Total Ash Content of Activated Carbon

    D2867-09(2014) Standard Test Methods for Moisture in Activated Carbon

    D3466-06(2011) Standard Test Method for Ignition Temperature of Granular Activated Carbon

    D3467-04(2014) Standard Test Method for Carbon Tetrachloride Activity of Activated Carbon

    D3802-16 Standard Test Method for Ball-Pan Hardness of Activated Carbon

        See also WK52936 proposed revision

    D3803-91(2014) Standard Test Method for Nuclear-Grade Activated Carbon

    D4069-95(2014) Standard Specification for Impregnated Activated Carbon Used to Remove Gaseous Radio-Iodines from Gas Streams

    D5159-04(2014) Standard Guide for Dusting Attrition of Granular Activated Carbon

    D5160-95(2014) Standard Guide for Gas-Phase Adsorption Testing of Activated Carbon

    D5228-16 Standard Test Method for Determination of Butane Working Capacity of Activated Carbon

        See also WK52937 proposed revision

    D5742-16 Standard Test Method for Determination of Butane Activity of Activated Carbon

        See also WK52939 proposed revision

    D5832-98(2014) Standard Test Method for Volatile Matter Content of Activated Carbon Samples

    D6646-03(2014) Standard Test Method for Determination of the Accelerated Hydrogen Sulfide Breakthrough Capacity of Granular and Pelletized Activated Carbon

        See also WK49155 proposed revision

    D7385-13 Standard Guide for Estimating Carbon Saturation by Temperature Rise upon Immersion

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    WK24211 New Guide for Determination of Hg Adsorption Capacity of Powdered Activated Carbons Used for Removal of Hg from Flue Gas

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