Subcommittee D22.11 on Meteorology

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    D3631-99(2011) Standard Test Methods for Measuring Surface Atmospheric Pressure

    D4230-02(2012) Standard Test Method of Measuring Humidity with Cooled-Surface Condensation (Dew-Point) Hygrometer

    D4430-00(2010) Standard Practice for Determining the Operational Comparability of Meteorological Measurements

    D5096-02(2011) Standard Test Method for Determining the Performance of a Cup Anemometer or Propeller Anemometer

    D5366-96(2011) Standard Test Method for Determining the Dynamic Performance of a Wind Vane

    D5527-00(2011) Standard Practices for Measuring Surface Wind and Temperature by Acoustic Means

    D5741-96(2011) Standard Practice for Characterizing Surface Wind Using a Wind Vane and Rotating Anemometer

    D6011-96(2008) Standard Test Method for Determining the Performance of a Sonic Anemometer/Thermometer

    D6176-97(2008) Standard Practice for Measuring Surface Atmospheric Temperature with Electrical Resistance Temperature Sensors

    D6589-05(2010)e1 Standard Guide for Statistical Evaluation of Atmospheric Dispersion Model Performance

    D7145-05(2010)e1 Standard Guide for Measurement of Atmospheric Wind and Turbulence Profiles by Acoustic Means

    E104-02(2012) Standard Practice for Maintaining Constant Relative Humidity by Means of Aqueous Solutions

    E337-02(2007) Standard Test Method for Measuring Humidity with a Psychrometer (the Measurement of Wet- and Dry-Bulb Temperatures)

        See also WK40640 proposed revision

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    D4023-82a(1996) Standard Terminology Relating to Humidity Measurements (Withdrawn 2002)