Subcommittee D22.08 on Sampling and Analysis of Mold

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    D5952-08 Standard Guide for the Inspection of Water Systems for Legionella and the Investigation of Possible Outbreaks of Legionellosis (Legionnaires' Disease or Pontiac Fever)

        See also WK44144 proposed revision

    D6329-98(2008) Standard Guide for Developing Methodology for Evaluating the Ability of Indoor Materials to Support Microbial Growth Using Static Environmental Chambers

    D7338-10 Standard Guide for Assessment Of Fungal Growth in Buildings

        See also WK41774 proposed revision

    D7391-09 Standard Test Method for Categorization and Quantification of Airborne Fungal Structures in an Inertial Impaction Sample by Optical Microscopy

        See also WK40494 proposed revision

        See also WK41775 proposed revision

    D7789-12 Standard Practice for Collection of Fungal Material from Surfaces by Swab

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    WK17177 New Test Method for Examination of Fungal Structures on Tape Lift Samples by Optical Microscopy

    WK22872 New Practice for Collection of Total Airborne Fungal Spores via Inertial Impaction Methodology

    WK23328 New Practice for Standard Practice for the Collection of Settled Fungal Spores via Surface Tape-Lift Technique

    WK35039 New Practice for Post Remediation Verification of Fungal contamination in Buildings

    WK28565 New Practice for Collection of Culturable Airborne Fungi by inertial impaction systems

    WK32489 New Practice for Developing and Performing a Sampling Strategy to Collect Meaningful Data during the Assessment of Fungal Growth in Buildings