Subcommittee D21.04 on Performance Tests

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    D1436-97(2008) Standard Test Methods for Application of Emulsion Floor Polishes to Substrates for Testing Purposes

    D1455-87(2008) Standard Test Method for 60° Specular Gloss of Emulsion Floor Polish

    D1792-06(2012)e1 Standard Test Method for Long-Term Removability Properties of Emulsion Floor Polishes

    D1793-92(2008) Standard Test Method for Water Spotting of Emulsion Floor Polishes

    D2048-10 Standard Test Method for Powdering of Floor Polish Films

    D3052-87(2010) Standard Practice for Rating Water-Emulsion Floor Polishes

    D3153-87(2008) Standard Test Method for Recoatability of Water-Emulsion Floor Polishes

    D3206-08 Standard Test Method for Soil Resistance of Floor Polishes

    D3207-92(2008) Standard Test Method for Detergent Resistance of Floor Polish Films

    D3210-95(2008) Standard Test Method for Comparing Colors of Films from Water-Emulsion Floor Polishes

    D3543-93(2008) Standard Test Method for Metal Glide Adhesion

    D3751/D3751M-10 Standard Practice for Evaluation of Furniture Polish

    D3758-95(2010) Standard Practice for Evaluation of Spray-Buff Products on Test Floors

    D3836-13 Standard Practice for Evaluation of Automotive Polish

    D4002-81(2008) Standard Practice for Evaluation of Buffable Shoe Polish

    D4330-94(2008) Standard Practice for Evaluation of Fiberglass Boat Polish and Wax

    D4955-89(2008) Standard Practice for Field Evaluation of Automotive Polish

    D6625-13 Standard Practice for Conducting a Test of Protective Properties of Polish Applied to a Painted Panel Using Fluorescent UV-Condensation Light- and Water-Exposure Apparatus

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