Subcommittee D21.03 on Chemical and Physical Testing

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    D1290-95(2008) Standard Test Method for Sediment in Water-Emulsion Polishes by Centrifuge

        See also WK45765 proposed revision

    D1791-93(2008) Standard Test Method for Accelerated Aging of Liquid Water-Emulsion Floor Polishes

        See also WK45766 proposed revision

    D2834-95(2008) Standard Test Method for Nonvolatile Matter (Total Solids) in Water-Emulsion Floor Polishes, Solvent-Based Floor Polishes, and Polymer-Emulsion Floor Polishes

        See also WK45767 proposed revision

    D3209-93(2008) Standard Test Method for Freeze/Thaw Resistance of Polymer Floor Polishes

        See also WK45768 proposed revision

    D3430-95(2008) Standard Test Method for Clarity and Yellowness of Liquid Water-Based Clear Floor Polishes

        See also WK45769 proposed revision

    D3716-99(2008) Standard Test Methods for Use of Emulsion Polymers in Floor Polishes

        See also WK44089 proposed revision

    D4095-97(2008) Standard Practice for Use of the Refractometer for Determining Nonvolatile Matter (Total Solids) in Floor Polishes

    D5678-95(2008) Standard Test Method for Freeze/Thaw Resistance of Wax Emulsion Floor Polish

        See also WK45770 proposed revision

    D6827-02(2008) Standard Test Method for Zinc Analysis of Floor Polishes and Floor Polish Polymers By Flame Atomic Absorption (A.A.)

        See also WK45771 proposed revision

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