Subcommittee D20.16 on Thermosetting Materials

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    D704-99(2012) Standard Specification for Melamine-Formaldehyde Molding Compounds

    D705-99(2012) Standard Specification for Urea-Formaldehyde Molding Compounds

    D1201-13 Standard Specification for Thermosetting Polyester Molding Compounds

    D1636-13 Standard Specification for Allyl Molding Compounds

    D1763-00(2013) Standard Specification for Epoxy Resins

    D3013-13 Standard Specification for Epoxy Molding Compounds

    D4350-13 Standard Test Method for Corrosivity Index of Plastics and Fillers

        See also WK44984 proposed revision

        See also WK47158 proposed revision

    D5948-05(2012) Standard Specification for Molding Compounds, Thermosetting

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    D2471-99 Standard Test Method for Gel Time and Peak Exothermic Temperature of Reacting Thermosetting Resins (Withdrawn 2008)

    D4617-03 Standard Classification System for Phenolic Compounds (PF) (Withdrawn 2012)

    D5939-96 Standard Test Method for Injection Moulding of Test Specimens of Thermoplatic Materials (Withdrawn 1998)

    D5941-96 Standard Test Method for Determination of Izod Impact Strength (Withdrawn 1998)