Subcommittee D14.10 on Working Properties

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    D899-00(2013) Standard Practice for Applied Weight Per Unit Area of Liquid Adhesive

    D1084-08 Standard Test Methods for Viscosity of Adhesives

    D1144-99(2011) Standard Practice for Determining Strength Development of Adhesive Bonds

    D1146-00(2013) Standard Test Method for Blocking Point of Potentially Adhesive Layers

    D1337-10 Standard Practice for Storage Life of Adhesives by Viscosity and Bond Strength

    D1338-99(2011) Standard Practice for Working Life of Liquid or Paste Adhesives by Consistency and Bond Strength

    D1489-09 Standard Test Method for Nonvolatile Content of Aqueous Adhesives

    D1875-03(2013) Standard Test Method for Density of Adhesives in Fluid Form

    D2556-14 Standard Test Method for Apparent Viscosity of Adhesives Having Shear-Rate-Dependent Flow Properties Using Rotational Viscometry

    D4338-97(2011)e1 Standard Test Method for Flexibility Determination of Supported Adhesive Films by Mandrel Bend

    D4339-01(2013) Standard Test Method for Determination of the Odor of Adhesives

    D5040-90(2011) Standard Test Methods for Ash Content of Adhesives

    D5113-97(2011)e1 Standard Test Method for Determining Adhesive Attack on Rigid Cellular Foam

    D5267-97(2012) Standard Test Method for Determination of Extrudability of Cartridge Adhesives

    D6862-11 Standard Test Method for 90 Degree Peel Resistance of Adhesives

    D7149-05(2011)e1 Standard Practice for Determining the Freeze Thaw Stability of Adhesives

    D7532-09 Standard Practice for Determination of Re-tack Ability of Carpet Adhesives

        See also WK29840 proposed revision

    D7888-13 Standard Practice for Evaluating Adhesive and the Effects of Plasticizer Found Within Polyvinyl Chloride-Backed Floor Coverings

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