Subcommittee D13.11 on Cotton Fibers

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    D1440-07(2012) Standard Test Method for Length and Length Distribution of Cotton Fibers (Array Method)

    D1441-12 Standard Practice for Sampling Cotton Fibers for Testing

    D1442-06(2012) Standard Test Method for Maturity of Cotton Fibers (Sodium Hydroxide Swelling and Polarized Light Procedures)

    D1445/D1445M-12 Standard Test Method for Breaking Strength and Elongation of Cotton Fibers (Flat Bundle Method)

    D1447-07(2012)e1 Standard Test Method for Length and Length Uniformity of Cotton Fibers by Photoelectric Measurement

    D1448-11 Standard Test Method for Micronaire Reading of Cotton Fibers

    D1464-12 Standard Practice for Differential Dyeing Behavior of Cotton

    D1684-07(2012) Standard Practice for Lighting Cotton Classing Rooms for Color Grading

    D2495-07(2012) Standard Test Method for Moisture in Cotton by Oven-Drying

    D2812-07(2012) Standard Test Method for Non-Lint Content of Cotton

    D3025-07(2012) Standard Practice for Standardizing Cotton Fiber Test Results by Use of Calibration Cotton Standards

    D5866-12 Standard Test Method for Neps in Cotton Fibers

    D5867-12e1 Standard Test Methods for Measurement of Physical Properties of Raw Cotton by Cotton Classification Instruments

    D7139-09(2013)e1 Standard Terminology for Cotton Fibers

    D7410-07(2012) Standard Practice for Qualification of Cotton Classification Instruments for Cotton Marketing

    D7642-12 Standard Practice for Establishment of Calibration Cottons for Cotton Classification Instruments

    D7785-12 Standard Test Method for Water in Lint Cotton by Oven Evaporation Combined with Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration

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