Subcommittee D12.15 on Physical Testing

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    D1172-95(2007) Standard Guide for pH of Aqueous Solutions of Soaps and Detergents

    D1173-07 Standard Test Method for Foaming Properties of Surface-Active Agents

    D2024-09 Standard Test Method for Cloud Point of Nonionic Surfactants

    D2281-10 Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Wetting Agents by the Skein Test

    D3050-07 Standard Guide for Measuring Soil Removal from Artificially Soiled Fabrics (Not Suitable for Detergent Ranking)

    D4008-95(2009) Standard Test Method for Measuring Anti-Soil Deposition Properties of Laundry Detergents (Not Suitable for Detergent Ranking)

    D4265-14 Standard Guide for Evaluating Stain Removal Performance in Home Laundering

        See also WK47458 proposed revision

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    WK26363 New Test Method for High Efficiency Detergent Sudsing Characteristics