Subcommittee D10.14 on Tape and Labels

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    D1874-62(2010) Standard Specification for Water- or Solvent-Soluble Liquid Adhesives for Automatic Machine Sealing of Top Flaps of Fiberboard Shipping Cases

    D1994-07 Standard Test Method for Determination of Acid Numbers of Hot-Melt Adhesives

    D2860/D2860M-04(2010) Standard Test Method for Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Tape to Fiberboard at 90° Angle and Constant Stress

    D2979-01(2009) Standard Test Method for Pressure-Sensitive Tack of Adhesives Using an Inverted Probe Machine

    D3111-10 Standard Test Method for Flexibility Determination of Hot-Melt Adhesives by Mandrel Bend Test Method

    D3121-06 Standard Test Method for Tack of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives by Rolling Ball

    D3330/D3330M-04(2010) Standard Test Method for Peel Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Tape

    D3611-06(2011) Standard Practice for Accelerated Aging of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

    D3652/D3652M-01(2012) Standard Test Method for Thickness of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

    D3654/D3654M-06(2011) Standard Test Methods for Shear Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

    D3715/D3715M-98(2011) Standard Practice for Quality Assurance of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

    D3759/D3759M-05(2011) Standard Test Method for Breaking Strength and Elongation of Pressure-Sensitive Tape

    D3811/D3811M-96(2011) Standard Test Method for Unwind Force of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

    D3813/D3813M-98(2012)e1 Standard Test Method for Curling, Twisting, and Tubing on Unwind of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

    D3815/D3815M-05(2011) Standard Practice for Accelerated Weathering of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes by Open-Flame Carbon-Arc Exposure Apparatus

    D3816/D3816M-96(2012) Standard Test Method for Water Penetration Rate of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

    D3833/D3833M-96(2011) Standard Test Method for Water Vapor Transmission of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

    D3889/D3889M-96(2012) Standard Test Method for Adherence to Linerboard of Pressure-Sensitive Tape at Low Temperature

    D4497-10 Standard Test Method for Determining the Open Time of Hot Melt Adhesives (Manual Method)

    D4498-07 Standard Test Method for Heat-Fail Temperature in Shear of Hot Melt Adhesives

    D4499-07 Standard Test Method for Heat Stability of Hot-Melt Adhesives

    D5105-05(2011) Standard Practice for Performing Accelerated Outdoor Weathering of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes Using Concentrated Natural Sunlight

    D5264-98(2011) Standard Practice for Abrasion Resistance of Printed Materials by the Sutherland Rub Tester

    D5330/D5330M-06(2012) Standard Specification for Pressure-Sensitive Tape for Packaging, Filament-Reinforced

    D5375/D5375M-98(2011) Standard Test Methods for Liner Removal at High Speeds from Pressure-Sensitive Label Stock

    D5486/D5486M-06(2012) Standard Specification for Pressure-Sensitive Tape for Packaging, Box Closure, and Sealing

    D5749-01(2012) Standard Specification for Reinforced and Plain Gummed Tape for Sealing and Securing

    D5750/D5750M-95(2012) Standard Guide for Width and Length of Pressure-Sensitive Tape

    D6123/D6123M-97(2012) Standard Specification for Pressure-Sensitive Tape for Light-Duty Packaging and General Purpose Masking

    D6195-03(2011) Standard Test Methods for Loop Tack

    D6252/D6252M-98(2011) Standard Test Method for Peel Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Label Stocks at a 90° Angle

    D6295/D6295M-98(2011) Standard Test Method for Dispensability of Light-Duty Pressure-Sensitive Film Tape

    D6463/D6463M-06(2012) Standard Test Method for Time to Failure of Pressure Sensitive Articles Under Sustained Shear Loading

    D6551/D6551M-05(2011) Standard Practice for Accelerated Weathering of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes by Xenon-Arc Exposure Apparatus

    D6590/D6590M-00(2012) Standard Specification for Pressure-Sensitive Tape for Sealing Fiber Containers and Cans

    D6787/D6787M-02(2012)e1 Standard Specification for Repositionable Note Pad

    D6788-02(2012) Standard Specification for Repositionable Pressure-Sensitive Flags

    D7932-14 Standard Specification for Printed, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Labels for Use in Extreme Distribution Environments

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    WK42340 New Practice for Classification and Performance Measurement of Thermal Transfer Printed, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Shipping Container Labels

    D3662/D3662M-88(1993)e2 Test Method for Bursting Strength of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes (Withdrawn 1999)