Subcommittee D10.12 on Shipping Containers, Crates, Pallets, Skids and Related Structures

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    D6039/D6039M-11 Standard Specification for Open and Covered Wood Crates

    D6199-07(2012) Standard Practice for Quality of Wood Members of Containers and Pallets

    D6251/D6251M-11 Standard Specification for Wood-Cleated Panelboard Shipping Boxes

    D6253-10 Standard Practice for Treatment and/or Marking of Wood Packaging Materials

        See also WK46883 proposed revision

    D6254/D6254M-13 Standard Specification for Wirebound Pallet-Type Wood Boxes

    D6255/D6255M-05(2011) Standard Specification for Steel or Aluminum Slotted Angle Crates

        See also WK30882 proposed revision

    D6256/D6256M-10 Standard Specification for Wood-Cleated Shipping Boxes and Skidded, Load-Bearing Bases

        See also WK46881 proposed revision

    D6573/D6573M-13 Standard Specification for General Purpose Wirebound Shipping Boxes

    D6880/D6880M-11 Standard Specification for Wood Boxes

    D6881/D6881M-03(2013) Standard Classification for Standard Plastics Industry Bulk Box/Pallet Unit Size Classified By Bulk Density

    D7478/D7478M-11 Standard Specification for Heavy Duty Sheathed Wood Crates

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